Nohoch Che'en Cave Tubing and Zipline

Nohoch Che'en cave tubing and zipline By Nohoch Che'en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve

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Belize Zipline

Belize Zipline - The thrill of the Belize Zipline is extraordinary; being as high as 100ft above the forest floor in the canopy of the rain forest is already an incredible feeling. You are literally in the habitat of birds moving as fast as 30mph. For those with a great adventure spirit this tour is highly recommended. Because this adventure is located within the cave-tubing park the adventure could be a great addition to your cave-tubing tour. It also could be done separately. It’s approximately an hour drive from Belize City on the western Highway. We recommend bringing along insect repellent, sun-screen and your camera of course. After arriving at the park you will be taken to the area where the tour is done which is a few steps from the parking lot. Your guide will then introduce you to the crew at the site to commence your tour.


There are nine Zip-Lines that you will be moving on, all of different lengths and height from the forest floor. It will last about an hour or a little more if there is a large group at the site. Ask for the repelling if it’s available it could be the highlights of the tour. What a rush of adrenalin imagine being lower from as high as 60 ft to the ground with high velocity it’s hard not scream. All this is done with great control and safely. The crew is highly train and is professional at their job. They have an impeccable record and guarantees the best time of your life. From the young toddler to senior citizen this Zip-line adventure is possible for all to enjoy. It’s the perfect therapy for those afraid of heights come along dig deep you’ll be more than surprise of the great fun and excitement this tour entails and its all available here in Belize with us the adventure specialist A Plus Adventures Belize.

The prices of our tour may vary depending on the number of persons booking. This is because we offer strictly private tours.

Youngest allowed: 3 years old

Group of 6 $55.00 per/ person




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    Please note that the prices of our tours may vary depending on the number of persons booking. This is because we offer strictly private tours.


Visitors staying in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, and Caye Caulker need to board one of the early water taxi to Belize City. We will pick you up at the water taxi. We will be holding a sign that reads your name.